Steven McInerney


Steven McInerney (b. Melbourne, 1983) is a multimedia artist living in London. He has performed and exhibited internationally and is founder of Psyché Tropes.


In Our Mind’s Eye
2K DCP, 4m

A film by Ben Kreukniet & Steven McInerney
Soundtrack by Ben Kreukniet & Steven McInerney
Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

In Our Mind’s Eye is a project that combines light and sound synthesis to explore feedback loops between humans and technology. The work is inspired by human trichromatic vision and the notion that reality exists only in our mind’s eye.

Official Selection 
Punto y Raya Festival (Official Selection, Austria) November 25, 2021
Bideodromo Internacional Experimental Film and Video Festival (Official Selection, Spain) October 2021
London Short Film Festival (Official Selection, UK) September 25, 2021. BFI Southbank

Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Official Selection, Germany) September 11, 2021

Tape Letters from the Waiting Room
4K DCP, 18m

Official Selection, In Competition
Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival (In Competition, Turkey) November 2021
MICE - 16ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico (Official Selection, Spain) April 10, 2021
9th International Video Poetry Festival (Official Selection, Greece) June 6, 2021
ULTRAcinema 20 (Official Selection, Mexico) Novemeber 17, 2020

Proceso de Error 2020 (In Competition, Chile) October, 2020

An existential drama exploring the universal themes of death and rebirth. Tape Letters from the Waiting Room is an experiment in film archaeology and magnetic memory as it navigates past life experiences. Shifting in succession from the mundane to the metaphysical, the film is composed of extant 16mm found footage from the past century. An original soundtrack by Mark Vernon encompasses a rich collection of domestic tape recordings; audio letters, dictated notes, found sounds and other lost voices. Watch online here.

A film by Steven McInerney
Original soundtrack by Mark Vernon
Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Honourable Film Mention
Family Film Project #9 (In Competition, Portugal) October 15, 2020

HD Video, 2m

Slither is an experiment in DIY low budget video synthesis in collaboration with musical artist Janine A’Bear. No-input video feedback has been generated through a Panasonic AVE5 video mixer in real-time to the GRM inspired soundtrack. Premiered on Psyché Tropes Broadcast #2 via IKLECTIK’s [off-site] live stream on 18 April 2020. Watch the full video here.

Video by Steven McInerney
Music by Janine A’Bear

Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.
Projected Music
SD Video, 60m

Sculpture conclude their Projected Music sequence with an expanded video form in collaboration with Psyché Tropes label founder Steven McInerney.

Projected Music (Beta SX edition) is a 60-minute videocassette of an audiovisual jam utilizing 2 x 5-inch Projected Music discs. Sutherland's camcorders and zoetropes are combined with McInerney's video hardware while Hayhurst's multilayered 5-inch grooves are mixed into oblivion. Watch online here.

Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.