A Creak In Time
16mm, 27m

A Creak In Time is a 27-minute meditation on the ever-expanding fractal universe with recurring themes of transformation and altered perception, switching scale from microscopic topography to the vast distances of the cosmos. 

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A film by Steven McInerney
Original soundtrack by Howlround
Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

First Experiment Award - Instanbul International Experimental Film Festival (International Competition) November 16, 2019
Alteraciones Jury Award - Aguilar International Film Festival (International Competition, Spain) December 11, 2018

Official Selection, In Competition, Exhibitions)
Seismic Mother (Exhibition Screening, London) September 16, 2023
Beijing International Short Film Festival (International Competition, China) December 01, 2019
Animation Marathon Animation Festival (Official Selection, Greece) 20, November
Rome Prisma Film Awards (Finalist, Italy) 6 September 2019
La Paz International Film Festival (Official Selection, Bolivia) September 5, 2019
Fest Anca Int’l Animation Festival 2019 (Official Selection, Slovakia) June 27, 2019
Global India International Film Festival (Official Selection, Pune, India) March 23, 2019
Maracay International Film & Video Festival (Official Selection, Venezuela) June 23, 2019
Murcia International Film Festival (Official Selection, Spain) March 1, 2019
Gijón International Film Festival 2018 (Official Selection, Spain) November 1, 2018
Splice Audio Visual Performing Arts Festival (Live Score by Howlround, London UK) May 13, 2018
Hamburg International Short Film Festival (International Competition, Germany) June 9, 2018
Flatpack Film Festival (Official Selection With Live Score, UK) April 11, 2018
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (Official Selection, The Netherlands) January 16, 2018
The Delaware Road (Screening) Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (UK) July 28, 2017
End Film Festival (Premiere, Official Selection, Live Score by Howlround, UK) July 11, 2017