Iterations & Afterimages
Live AV performance, 30m

Iterations & Afterimages is an ongoing wave function research project that utilises high resolution scanned 16mm negatives for digital processing within a live audiovisual setting.

This experiment involves the manipulation of phase-modulated sound, transformed into real-time vector synthesis. Repetitive patterns of light and shifting sequences of color are generated by a high-wattage laser device operating at 1000mW.

A tightly focused, intense beam of electromagnetic energy, when captured on motion picture celluloid, forms abstract light sculptures as the light passes through the shutter. The radiation, in conjunction with the film's chemical reaction, unveils details imperceptible to the human eye.

These recurring patterns are mapped to pitch and color, interwoven, and manipulated to create a live composition. The outcome is a meditative yet ominously sensorial experience.

Live Performances
Noisemas III.  December 17, 2023. IKLECTIK, London (UK)