Trilateral Descent
Live AV performance, 20m

Trilateral Descent is an expanded 20-minute film combining the illusory motion of a 16mm triptych with digital projection and live sound. The film explores what is often described to as ‘religious conditioning’, breaking these illusions down into a hypnotic physiological experience as the brain is forced to reconcile sight and sound. It intends to provoke contradictory states of euphoria and horror to reveal the depths of the unconscious.

The screen is prepared with three photodiode sensors, that respond to the phasing of light. This feedback system triggers custom analogue hardware in real-time and is performed as a live soundtrack.

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A film by Steven McInerney
Performed live as Merkaba Macabre
Photodiode module by Tom Richards
Video documentation by Tomasz Preficz
Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved

IKLECTIK Art Lab (Live show premiere. London, UK) June 11, 2022
Spark House (Video installation, London UK) June 4, 2022