A Monster with its Mouth Agape
4K DCP, Original format: 16mm, 11m

A Monster with its Mouth Agape is an experimental 16mm film inspired by the profound insights of Yoshito Ohno. The film is an interpretation of the metamorphic states of Butoh, radiating from monochromatic intensity to multihued abstraction as bodies of light ensue from darkness. Howlround and Merkaba Macabre have composed a soundtrack that resonates with the haunting soundscapes, born out of the chaotic post-war climate of Japan.

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A film by Steven McInerney
Liquid design in collaboration with Vincent Rang
Original soundtrack by Howlround & Merkaba Macabre
Commissioned by Rebellious Bodies International Butoh Dance Festival
Supported by Dance Archive Network, Canta Co. Ltd, and Arts Council England