Installation, Live AV performance, 3.1 sound. 30m

Chromophobia is an audiovisual project that explores color-to-sound synthesis created for a three-day residency at Project DIVFUSE. Building upon the artist’s previous research in analogue light-based composition, McInerney investigates this field in a purely digital process as an installation and live performance, resulting in a triptych audiovisual expanse. 

An interplay of color biases provoking a spectrum of states ranging from fear and anxiety to love and euphoria through the suquencing of certain color combinations, is designed to open up a dialectic about associations, personal experiences, or psychological triggers that these colours and their associated tones induce.

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Installation by Steven McInerney
Performed as Merkaba Macabre
Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved

24 March 2023, Friday 6-8:30pm: Merkaba Macabre [live] + xname [DJ]
25 March 2023, Saturday 6-8:30pm: Merkaba Macabre [live] + Faery [DJ]
26 March 2023 ,Sunday 3-7pm: Merkaba Macabre w/ Billy Pleasant [live] + Eight Fold Way [DJ]